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The Cestone sofa turns 10 years old

In the words of the designer, time is an unyielding judge and relegates to oblivion everything that is entirely void of authentic content.

"Time authenticates the validity of the idea". Antonio Citterio

Not so for the Cestone sofa, backed by a design concept that is remarkably relevant today and by exquisitely-executed construction details that position it well beyond the fate of fading fashions. Like many other Flexform sofas, it has played a role in redefining not only the language of contemporary living, but also its boundaries and expression in home furnishings, concepts that are closely tied to the changes in today’s lifestyles.



The concept behind the Cestone sofa virtually overturns the design perspectives of living room decor.  If, up until a point in time, the sofa was most often placed against a wall, along the perimeter of the living room, the Cestone sofa takes center stage, expressly designed to sit in the center of the room.



In the spotlight are the sofa’s back and sides, parts that are not usually expected to add value. Instead, the back and sides of the Cestone sofa are made of metal frames upholstered with woven strips of cowhide. The strips are in two different widths, and two options are available for the irregular woven pattern. The cowhide strips can be closely woven, forming a compact surface; or more loosely woven, allowing the underlying upholstery fabric to show through. The resulting ‘checkerboard’ pattern makes a strong visual statement in aesthetically-pleasing contrast to the soft, perfectly-proportioned upholstered parts. The Cestone sofa comes in 13 different colors, four of them in suede.



Cowhide is a quality natural material that lends added appeal to almost any object. It is used extensively by Flexform thanks to its inherent quality of maintaining its beauty and attributes intact as it ages, perfectly underscoring the timeless elegance of Flexform products. The Cestone sofa, with its constructive details in woven cowhide, embodies the amazing affinity between the company and this material, known and treasured since ancient times.



The Cestone sofa is emblematic within the Flexform collection. It perfectly conveys the brand identity that defines Flexform: a company with a time-tested history in the production of upscale upholstered furniture and accessories.

The Cestone sofa grew out of a desire for combining project culture, innovation and artisan craftsmanship. The Cestone sofa completely expresses all the core values upon which the brand’s identity is based: authentically Made in Italytimeless elegancedesign consistency, superior quality and unrivalled comfort.