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Sustainability Report 2021 | 2022

For some years now, attentive and sensitive consumers have adopted a new awareness, leading them to focus carefully on the environmental impact of a product and, more generally, the ethical and social orientation of a brand.

Flexform, which has always made the duration of its products a distinctive feature, has decided to engage in transparent communication aimed at making its ethical and social choices known, precisely as regards sustainability. 

In collaboration with PwC, an international network present in more than 150 countries and a leader in corporate sustainability, inclusion & diversity, ethics & business conduct consulting, Flexform has drawn up its first sustainability report, an annual report accompanying the financial statements aimed at measuring the company's social and environmental impact. 

The sustainability report is a dynamic document as it analyses the company's strategies, states its objectives and measures the progressive achievement of the same. 

It is also a transparent document because by means of it, the company commits to disclosing its choices regarding sustainability and constantly monitors the achievement of objectives. 

The preparation and publication of the sustainability report, which will take place annually, is part of Flexform's decision to promote increasingly clear and efficient brand communication, designed to increase the value and perception of the brand with all its stakeholders, i.e. customers, suppliers, retailers, collaborators, local communities, associations and members of the design community.