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Shop in shop opens in Toronto

With the launch of a shop in shop at 359 King Street East, the main thoroughfare in Toronto’s design district, Flexform enhances its well-established partnership with Italinteriors.

The new installation was curated by the company’s Design Center and reflects the understated, beyond-the-bounds-of-time-and-trends elegance that has consistently placed the Flexform style in a class of its own.

In keeping with the brand’s stylistic standards, no detail is left to chance. The space boasts travertine floors and walls, capped by dark wood ceilings, that form the cozy, intimate backdrop for the most representative pieces in the Indoor collection. These include the new Romeo and Campiello seating systems and the very popular Groundpiece and Soft Dream, each of which is paired with a selection of armchairs and sophisticated accessories.

With the arrival of Spring, the shop in shop will also host the Flexform Outdoor collection for the first time.

This entirely renovated exhibit space further strengthens what is now a 30-year partnership between FLEXFORM and Italinteriors, Canadian ambassador for the brand’s values, and a magnet for the very loyal following of architects, interior designers and end customers, long-standing aficionados of the Flexform philosophy and products.