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London Design Week 2023, Flexform Showroom revamp

The Flexform London flagship store, launched in September of 2009 and, since then, an indispensable resource for the city’s design community, has undergone a major renovation.

The company’s Design Center curated the new display project, which faithfully reflects that of the corporate showroom in Meda, Italy. The store design blends timeless materials, like Vicenza stone, with contemporary and technical features like the stretched steel false ceilings.

These materials breathe life into a showroom imbued with understated elegance, beyond time and trends, that is synonymous with the Flexform style.

On display in the Flexform London store are all the most representative products from the Indoor & Outdoor collection – from the new Perry and Ambroeus seating systems to the best-selling Groundpiece and Gregory – each of which is paired with a vast selection of armchairs and sophisticated complementary pieces and accessories.