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The representation of simplicity in its multiple shapes turns 10.

The elegance of an essential style becomes multifunctional thanks to Antonio Citterio. His idea was to make this bookshelf customized, versatile and accessorized. Infinity bookshelf is a vertical element that completes FLEXFORM leaving area. "The idea of INFINITY was to remove the container in order to emphasize the contents. Boxes made of minimal materials such as thin metal sheets enable the client to create modular compositions of different sizes.’ (Arch. Antonio Citterio). INFINITY bookshelf is a system of metal modular containers with unlimited composition possibilities. You can put the objects both on its shelves and in its hide leather boxes. The different dimensions of the units together with the coexistence of metal and hide leather in different colors create a unique bookshelf system. During the last ten years, the first FLEXFORM modular bookshelf has become an iconic piece in the world of furniture.