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FLEXFORM TOKYO has a new home, larger and more spacious, but still in the prestigious Minami-Aoyama district, widely known as the center for fashion and designer boutiques.


The geometric yet deconstructed lines of the modern Japanese-style building are quite distinctive. Ample use of glass panels lightens the appearance of the sleek metal and concrete structure. The upscale exhibit space occupies a surface area of about 800 square meters. Spread over four floors, the spacious display areas rely on a combination of natural and artificial lighting to create a dramatic atmosphere.

The design project by the Flexform Design Center deftly interprets the signature style of Flexform showrooms around the world: travertine walls, metal slat ceilings, dark walls and green spaces that lend an expansive air.

Each of the floors is designed to effectively showcase the most representative pieces from the FLEXFORM collections, building upon a sophisticated, time-tested display formula that visually communicates the lifestyle inherent to the FLEXFORM philosophy. Conveyed in equal measure are the values upon which the brand has built its global reputation: timeless elegance, unequalled comfort and contemporary design, expressed with creative consistency.

Curated with minute attention to detail, the settings spotlight a selection of the most typical pieces from the FLEXFORM collection, with elegant decor ideas for the living, dining and night-time areas in the home.

A neutral color palette infuses different materials and finishes to produce a serene, rarefied atmosphere. For texture, raw fabrics are paired with softer ones, like velvet; luxurious marble is juxtaposed with wood; and metal is combined with lacquered elements. Other areas offer accents of color that range from cool shades of green to warm copper and plum.

Occupying a floor all its own, the Flexform Outdoor collection makes its debut in Japan. Informed by the same sophisticated style as the indoor furnishings, it embodies the company’s ability to instill robust design values in products of the highest quality and durability for the outdoors.

With the new display space and solid relationship with its long-standing partner, Flexform is keen to reopen its doors to the loyal, discerning Japanese clientele, unwavering enthusiasts of the brand’s products and philosophy.