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The showroom is located in an upscale residential complex, conveniently close to a major urban interchange.


With two separate street entrances, the Flexform display space offers easy access to the Flexform Indoor collection and to the Flexform Mood collection. The many windows infuse the interior spaces with light.

The showroom has two distinct ground floor spaces while the upper floor is a singular, captivating display area in which the company’s products are artfully staged in keeping with the Flexform style.

The use of luxury materials, like eucalyptus wood, distinguish the Flexform Mood collection, while the area that hosts the Flexform Indoor collection is clad in Travertino Chiaro marble, filling the rooms with reflected light.

The design theme is expressed in inviting display areas that exude comfort and carefree informality. Arranged opposite each other on the ground floor, are two different Flexform Mood collection face-to-face living room concepts and a dining area. The pastel neutral color palette contrasts effectively with the dark colors of the fabrics. An upstairs suite includes a living room, bedroom and den/study area. The styling makes use of bold, decisive colors – in shades that range from blue to purple and brown to beige.

On the ground floor, living and dining areas, separated by the versatile Infinity bookcase, portray the Flexform Indoor collection to advantage. Various living room ideas are explored on the upper floor, along with a bedroom where a modern fireplace serves as a dramatic divider.

Downstairs, the stylistic choices revolve around warm, relaxing neutral shades while upstairs, the palette relies on the juxtaposition of warm colors in shades of pink, rust and brown with cooler tones like deep browns, blues and greens.

This showroom further strengthens Flexform’s presence in Asia, highlighting it as a brand emblematic of Italian style and design that transcends the bounds of time and fashion.