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Flexform | Paper # 1

Flexform | Paper is the magazine-catalog that illustrates the company’s collection in real, lived-in residential settings.

A deliberate choice – the antithesis of the increasingly widespread custom of displaying the product in perfect, sterile representations or in charmingly designed and staged settings.

The homes chosen by Flexform are found in different locations – in cities, the country, the mountains, on lakes and at the seaside – and their styles are all different but the Flexform products are entirely at home in any situation, whether indoors or in outdoor spaces.

The homes depicted in the magazine highlight how very versatile the Flexform collection is and how the furnishings fit with style and elegance in the various rooms, complementing everyday life with comfort, natural ease and good taste.

Accompanying each story is a section called “Kaleidoscope” that provides detailed information about all of the products photographed, including the finishes and upholstery fabrics.

The Flexform magazine | Paper will soon be available at flagship stores and authorized dealers.

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