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Strategically located in the province of Zhejiang, through which the Yangtze river flows, the Flexform Ningbo monobrand showroom occupies an outstanding location in the eastern part of the city ‒ the new economic and cultural hub and well-established luxury shopping destination.

Opening of Flexform Ningbo, China

With its spacious 800 square meter showroom spread across two floors, connected by a dramatic spiral staircase, the Flexform Ningbo space is known for its welcoming atmosphere and sophisticated style.  The travertine floors and walls and winter gardens in glass showcases lend an elegant overall tone to the rooms and recreate a home-like effect with an exquisitely contemporary spirit.

Displayed on the ground floor of the Flexform Ningbo showroom are the most representative pieces from the company’s vast collection ‒ best-sellers like Groundpiece, Cestone, Lifesteel and Magister are each paired with an ample selection of armchairs and elegant coordinated accessories.

The Flexform Indoor collection is known for its neutral colors that range from ecru to greige, and browns to greys, typical of the Flexform style, with interplays of color in shades of rust and green.

The striking, impressive stairway conducts visitors to the second floor where the Flexform Outdoor collection is displayed. Informed by the same sophisticated style as the indoor furnishings, it embodies the company’s ability to instill a design heritage in products of the highest quality and durability also crafted for outdoor settings.

On the same floor there is a series of rooms divided into a succession of relaxation areas, dining spaces and bedrooms framed by eucalyptus wood paneling that is offset by contrasting splashes of color ranging from shades of blue, to brown and purple.

No detail was left to chance in the interior design project that skillfully blends materials and color schemes characteristic of the brand with a special focus on the lifestyle and traditions of Ningbo.