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Flexform MOOD in Toronto

The new MOOD concept store in Toronto is located in King Street East, a major design district thoroughfare filled with high-end showrooms that, over time, has become a lodestone for architects, interior designers and design aficionados from all over Canada.


The installation was curated by the Flexform Design Center, under the supervision of Stefano Gaggero, artistic director of the Flexform MOOD collection.

Intimate and refined, the MOOD showroom’s ambiance offers a series of inviting, elegant settings in which lustrous fabrics, soft shapes, rare wood and luxurious marble delight the senses as visitors discover the MOOD collection. Although the inspiration behind the product design is unabashedly decorative, it displays an irresistible contemporary flair. Sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and beds form authentic islands of wellbeing while providing creative insight for designing comfortable rooms that exude welcoming warmth, a refuge from the bustling world outside.

Greens and light blue dominate the color palette, which is accompanied by an array of uniquely subdued and more intense shades of color – from the prized Verde Alpi marble on the feature wall to the colors of the leather used to upholster the sofas. Details in bordeaux and eggplant provide sophisticated elements of contrast.

With the opening of the Flexform MOOD concept store in Toronto, the company aims to promote a collection already largely popular with many architects, interior designers and end customers in an expanding market that is increasingly fascinated with Italian design.



380 King Street East Toronto

Phone: 416.363.2996

Email: info@studiobhome.com