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Flexform Miami

The newly inaugurated Flexform Miami flagship store is located between the Wynwood District ‒ home to major art galleries and museums and famous for its striking street art ‒ and the well-known fashion district, where the most prestigious couture design and watchmaker brands have their showrooms. 

The new flagship store occupies a strategic setting in the city, at a crossroads patronized by seekers of high-end products and strictly Italian design. 

The impressive building features modern, minimalist architecture, recognizable thanks to its geometric lines. Its austere metal structure is lightened up by the generous use of glass panels. The upscale exhibit space occupies about 800 square meters on a single floor, where a combination of natural and artificial lighting in the spacious display areas creates a dramatic atmosphere.

Thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the surrounding urban landscape, the new showroom enjoys exceptional visibility.

Curated by the Flexform Design Center, the project is an expression of understated, contemporary elegance.

Floors and walls in travertine and ceilings in dark wood form the backdrop for the most representative products in the Indoor collection ‒ like the Groundpiece, Asolo and Soft Dream seating systems, Happy Hour and Guscioalto armchairs, and Pico table paired with Echoes chairs; as well as an array of complementary pieces and accessories that lend a feeling of intimacy to the decor.

The Flexform Outdoor collection also fits seamlessly in the showroom, allowing visitors to admire a vast cross-section of furnishings in which elegance is wed to functionality and durability ‒ ensured by the use of materials selected for their quality and strength.

A sophisticated blend of nature-inspired colors and materials inseparably marries culture, tradition and innovation for an open-air lifestyle that invites authentic appreciation of the spirit and beauty of that most-perfect architecture of all: nature’s own.