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Flexform Beijing

The new Flexform Beijing showroom is located in the very popular North Easyhome area, an upscale shopping district filled with international design brands.


Curated by the Flexform Design Center, this is the first display space in China to adopt the aesthetic concept of the company’s new flagship store launched last June in the heart of Milan, design project by ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

Antonio Citterio, deemed one of the most influential designers of his generation, has partnered with Flexform for more than 50 years, playing a key role in creating the company’s brand identity. His signature graces a good portion of the company’s vast collection.

The Flexform Beijing showroom invites visitors to enjoy a complete, satisfying brand experience along a pathway that unfolds among spellbinding settings where no detail is left to chance. The choice of materials favors a sophisticated combination of stoneware, steel, expanded steel and walls painted an elegant shade of grey, alternating with backlit walls embellished with the reproduction of a colorful pattern custom-created for Flexform.

On display is a selection – as extensive as it is varied – of the company’s most representative lifestyle products: from the quintessential Groundpiece, Cestone and Lifesteel seating systems, known for their elegance and comfort, center stage in the living areas, to the dining rooms and bedrooms, even including outdoor furnishings that make their own unrivalled style statement.

With the opening of its new Beijing showroom, Flexform is ideally positioned to become a true hub of inspiration for industry professionals – developers, architects and interior designers – as well as for all connoisseurs of contemporary Italian design.