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Better Stay Home

In a world that pops out millions of images in a few seconds, FLEXFORM launches on the web a brand new campaign just for social networks, Better Stay Home.


 A campaign conceived with an immediate language, custom-made and colorful illustrations with an ironic and funny touch. Today, like never before, the sketch image is so efficient. The illustration seems to be more powerful than ever and for this reason every Saturday a new funny situation of true everyday life is published. Similar to the Home at last communicative project for the printed campaign, the home remains for FLEXFORM the most representative container for emotions, where to collect and to preserve what make us feel good. For this reason, the ones, who can share these feelings of relax and wellness, are going to search them in every situation and that is how Saturday becomes the ideal occasion to stay home. You do not want to go out and leave your comfort zone. It is the manifest of a common feeling, of a research of intimacy against the ostentation. There is no other place like your own home.