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An intimate look

Intimate and elegant. This is the atmosphere that can be breathed through the Flexform MOOD Collection. 

The collection travels in an ambience where the taste extends between retro and deco. It takes inspiration from the models of the past by reinventing and by making them leaner and lighter. The allure and the taste of the memory pieces are enhanced, by contrast, by contemporary architectural contexts that surround them with the images. The light and original chromatic research of the material flows among the photographic narration telling about places and comforting atmospheres, where the spectator perceives an enveloping and pleasant cocooning effect. Sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, beds generate a sort of soothing islands and drive to create a welcoming nesting-refuge, protecting ourselves from the outside chaosSilence as trend. The soothing silence of objects, feeble tones and rounded curvilinear aesthetic, never intimidating, never sharp-cornered. MOOD offers an ecosystem of objects supported by harmony.

Once seen. Never forgotten.