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Advertising campaign | ERMIONE

Starting from June 2017, Flexform launched the new An Intimate look advertising campaign on the most important international design magazines dedicated to Flexform MOOD collection.

New main character of Flexform MOOD advertising campaign.

From September, to the first setting where the ALFRED sofa was surrounded by an intimate and sought-after atmosphere, Flexform adds a second one dedicated to the ERMIONE armchair.

The photographic narration tells about a reassuring living, combining light grey tones where four ERMIONE armchairs, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, stand out in a vivid mustard-color, all of them curled up around a central fireplace. A rare intimate moment enhanced by an almost invisible human touch let us perceive a pleasant cocoon effect. A seated man enjoys the silence and the peaceful wellness of the surrounding atmosphere. The claim of the campaign – An intimate look – is an invitation to abandon yourself to the warmness of your own home. It is also an incentive for experts to recreate the same feeling in an airport lounge or in a boutique hotel. A protective and relaxed comfort, where the time seems to flow at a slow pace. And this slowness is a balm.