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The new FLEXFORM MOOD 2015 Collection is designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, the designer responsible for all the most recent MOOD collections.

The collection proposes a range of tenuous colours like those of the leather weave of the new CARMEN pouf with metal base, which reinvents the weave of the FLEXFORM Filicudi pouf, though MOOD always maintains its characteristic classic-contemporary taste. The elegant richness of details, fabrics and woods, crafted by skilled cabinet makers can be found in the many new products presented at the Fair. The new ORLANDO table with its sinuous wooden base and marble top. The same family of products also includes the generously large ICARO bed with padded headrest, the free-standing mirror and bedside table, all with the same wood profiling. Solid but gentle at the same time, the ERMIONE armchair with is curving concave padded backrest. Elegant and memorable, the little AMOS desk in wood and leather, and the RIVIERA small tables embellishing the new pouf. Closing the round of new entries, the FAUNO small table in metal and marble with rounded surfaces with three legs. FLEXFORM MOOD is the expression of taste that plays with the forms of memory and with a palette of warm colours, punctuated here and there by accents of colours like blue-grey, sage and pine green. A style that emphasises the elegance and nobility of the materials, and is never redundant.