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"HotELLE Decoration”

In partnership with Elle Decoration España magazine, Flexform took part in the recently concluded “HotELLE Decoration” temporary show in Madrid, held February 20 to March 1.


Masterfully directed by Elle Decoration, the show invited six top interior designers to interpret the new hospitality style in a series of settings, such as a lobby, hotel suite, etc. They redefined the code of “contemporary luxury” and lent flair to a concept of sustainable elegance, making it an ambassador for values like global authenticity, ecology, artisan craftsmanship, design, technology and a return to the use of natural materials.

Six designers with different visions and styles worked together in this not-to-be-missed event. They were asked to transform the rooms in the López-Dóriga building, a 19th century home, into an exclusive, innovative luxury hotel.

Assigned to the lobby, Cousi Interiorismo, a duo made up of Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín, pooled their creativity and experience to design the HotELLE Decoration atrium and main hall, key spaces that welcome guests and immediately capture their attention. “In Spain and in Europe, you typically find classically styled historic buildings that have been converted into boutique hotels. It is important to complement them with modern furnishings so that these two styles, although distant relations, can coexist harmoniously,” they explain.

Classic elements in the building's lobby, such as the chandelier and moldings, dialog amiably with the contemporary furniture. Known for timeless elegance, comfort and quality, all the furniture used in the lobby bears the Flexform signature. Occupying center stage in the lobby, the Romeo sofa is paired with a Giano coffee table made of solid wood and Calacatta Gold marble. Completing the decor are two A.B.C. armchairs and a Fly side/coffee table. All of the pieces selected were designed by Antonio Citterio.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán is one of the most influential Spanish interior designers. He has gained international acclaim for having decorated exclusive hotels and restaurants around the world. His concept for the luxury penthouse dazzled everyone at HotELLE Decoration. The 125 m2 suite includes a living room, dining room and kitchen, office/work area, dressing room, bedroom and bath. He attired this sophisticated space in exquisite materials. The tone is neutral, timeless, practical and brimming with interesting pieces. Lázaro Rosa-Violán selected the Grandemare sofa for the living room and the Lifesteel bed, with its elegant, airy structure, for the bedroom. Both were designed by architect Antonio Citterio.

Photo courtesy: Elle Decoration España