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Flexform MOOD 2017 collection

Intimate and refined. This is the atmosphere that permeates the Flexform MOOD collection.

Warm, sophisticated spaces where precious materials, nuanced fabrics and soft forms suggest An Intimate Look to the senses, the slogan that sums up the entire world of MOOD. The products inhabit an area of taste between Deco and Retro, conserving the allure of collections from the past, but inserting it in a contemporary context that makes the overall range very up to date.  In the stand a wall featuring an impressive fireplace is bordered by a dark wood floor that forms a living area. A long precious wall in Verde Alpi marble, dark with green striations, forms the backdrop of a space paced by divider panels in woven cowhide, bordering the areas for the display of the new collections.

The artistic direction of the new Flexform MOOD 2017 project as a whole is by Stefano Gaggero, who has adapted the general concept by making stylistic choices in the design of the stand, the selection of fabrics and the set design of the catalogue and the new advertising campaign. The new MOOD products for 2017 have been designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, celebrating ten years of collaboration with the company this year. 

While it is true that the Pantone color for 2017 is Greenery, a leafy springtime shade, in the palette of colors of the MOOD 2017 look green-blue is a frequent presence, interpreted in a thousand different shades featuring muted and intense green tones: from the Verde Alpi marble of the central wall of the stand, to the greens of the fabrics in delicate powder tones of aqua-green, jade and anise. These hues are suddenly ignited by vivid details in shades of red and aubergine. The warm, expressive coverings include materic fabrics in black and white and patterns that draw on the dotted motifs typical of the classic neckwear of the finest sartorial tradition. The woods are ash and dark ebony-stained oak, with matte red accents. The metals are burnished, in amber tones.

Sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and beds generate true islands of wellbeing, stimulating the desire to create welcoming “nesting refuges” sheltered from the bustling world outside. Silence as a trend. The restful silence of objects in discreet tones, with rounded, beveled, curved lines, never cold and angular. MOOD proposes an ecosystem of objects governed by harmony, with an intimate look.