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2016 MOOD Collection

The Flexform MOOD collection keeps faith with that classic-contemporary spirit that has set it apart since its debut in 2001.

Flexform MOOD presents a world with affinities to that of FLEXFORM in terms of quality and elegance, but with more eclectic stylistic research, capable of inserting codes from the past and translating them in a contemporary way through a process of subtraction and simplification. 

The flavor of the entire MOOD collection shifts between Retro and Deco, removing the embellishments and stylistic redundancy through careful deployment of an aesthetic of subtraction. The MOOD pieces allude to atmospheres of period buildings, inhabited by the leading European and American families of the 20th century. Places with large rooms, grand staircases, high ceilings. MOOD takes its inspiration from the beautiful furnishings produced in Europe during the last century, reinterpreted to update the image of sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, lamps, which now furnishing public and private spaces all over the world, from a penthouse in Singapore to the halls of hotels in Hamburg or Phuket.

The Flexform MOOD Collection 2016 presented at the Salone del Mobile features new models and expansions of existing product lines. All the new items are by the architect Roberto Lazzeroni