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15 years of the Groundpiece sofa

Much of the recent history of FLEXFORM began in 2001, when the architect Antonio Citterio designed the GROUNDPIECE sofa, now celebrating its 15th birthday.

A unchallenged bestseller of all of FLEXFORM’s production, GROUNDPIECE has revolutionized our way of thinking about sofas, introducing new proportions and usage modes. It is comfortably deep, particularly low, and originally deconstructed with large goosedown cushions. GROUNDPIECE has changed our way of sitting on a sofa, making it less formal, lending itself to new functions. It is based on an awareness that people behave in new ways. On a sofa you can read, reset, watch TV, but also work with a computer, or even eat dinner. This is why low storage elements covered in cowhide can be inserted in the structure, replacing part of the back or the armrest, offering useful surfaces on which to place objects.

 The rather passé decorum of formal seating is swept away by Groundpiece, in favor of a more comfortable, relaxed sitting position. Groundpiece is the success story of a clean break with clichés.

"The combination of rigorous cowhide and down-filled cushions is the secret of this timeless balance”. Antonio Citterio