A young couple with three children asked Studio VARA of San Francisco to design a home for them.

Bearing in mind the owners’ specific needs, the Studio VARA architects crafted a design where a rhythmic succession of rooms that open onto outdoor spaces is distinguished by the use of different materials, like concrete for the basement, wood for the ground floor and metal for the top floor.

An aura of warm intimacy lent by the tasteful interior finishes ensures that each room allows the family a comfortable place to entertain and relax.

A Guscioalto armchair upholstered in soft tobacco-color leather sits in front of the spectacular stairwell that connects the living room with the top floor, while a Piuma coffee table is placed in front of the sofa.

An Agave armchair paired with a Gipsy side table furnish a reading corner created in front of the window in a light-filled area of the home.

Project by Studio VARA

Photo by Matthew Millman.