This villa on the banks of the Volga is owned by a well-known Russian tycoon, who recalled that, even as a child, he had always wanted to live in a river-front home.

The building’s architecture is impressive. It stands alone in the pristine landscape of the Tver Region. Geometric, with clean lines, it features large windows that offer views of the surrounding countryside.

A dramatic wood and metal stairway connects the lower and upper floors.

Designed as an open space, the ground floor contains the large furnished kitchen which blends seamlessly with the dining area and a spacious living room. Interior designer Svetlana Zatsepina selected a corner arrangement of the Groundpiece seating system, designed by Antonio Citterio, for the living area, shown here upholstered in an elegant grey fabric and paired with its namesake ottoman.

Interior Design by Svetlana Zatsepina | Photo/s: Ilya Ivanov | Courtesy of Salon Interior.