Lugano, family villa

A charming landscape inspired the concept of this family villa in Lugano, Switzerland. Architect Michele Zago, from Iparchitettura Studio, devised a project that develops around a dialectic relationship between the building and its surroundings, between indoors and ourdoors, which translate into a sophisticated overlapping of geometrical volumes. A triplex, the building fits perfectly in the surrounding landscape and lush vegetation. The partition of the space was dictated by the slow pace and multiple requirements of daily life, the seamless succession of the rooms is enhanced by the diffuse and soft light. A great care was taken into selecting furnishings that highlight the sober and refined taste of the whole enviroment.

The spacious living room displays a Groundpiece sofa, covered in an elegant ecru fabric, paired with A.B.C. armchairs and ottomans covered in leather, both of which were designed by Architect Antonio Citterio.

Credits: IParchitettura

Photo: Matteo Aroldi