This enchanting residential project is located on the Dapeng Peninsula, on the eastern coast of Shenzhen, far from the bright lights and noise of the city.

Birdsong and the trill of cicadas transport the senses to a typically Zen atmosphere, lulled by a gentle breeze, instilling a surprising sense of spiritual peace.

The sun streams in through the French doors flooding the living room with light and warmth, heating the surrounding space and softening it in the changing light.

The juxtaposition of various materials lends bold personality to the room, allowing the furnishings to communicate harmoniously among themselves.

In a return to simplicity, the designer evokes the Zen concept “everything is contained in nothing” as a design ethos, removing all the artificial decorative elements.

The sophisticated elegance of Flexform style is reflected in the homeowners’ taste and in their lifestyle choices. Seated on a Happy armchair with a cup of coffee in the afternoon, or enjoying a good book on the Happy sofa could be just the right ingredients for a life where mind and body are in harmonious balance.

A softly muted yet sophisticated atmosphere is achieved in the second sitting room where the walls are hung with large oil paintings. An impressive arrangement of the Cestone sofa is a commanding presence, paired with a sumptuous Boss armchair upholstered in teal color leather.

Project by Dickson Design SZ Co. ltd. | Wenxue | Photo/s: BM Studio + Yanming