Located in the 60 Hudson Street Building, Fifty Three is an extremely unusual space: a combination workplace, library, home and even a forest. Studio Fierro has created a space with a simple open layout designed to foster teamwork and collaboration between teams. 
The Studio chose an interesting palette of materials: oak, blackened steel, concrete and minimal marble accents, providing the inspirational framework for the innovative concepts for the space. 
They crafted a number of simple, organized levels that improved the daily work experience while encouraging new ways of interaction. For example, the wood platforms at the center of the office were raised to invite people to gather, giving them an opportunity to experience a different perspective.
A massive composition of the Feel Good sofa was selected to furnish the recreation area. Its generous seating allows moments of relaxation and leisure. A Fly coffee table with marble top rounds out the decor.
The space invites the occupants to linger, share ideas and be inspired to create ever more unexpected products. 
Courtesy Studio Fierro