“Landmark Unique” is the name of an exclusive residential project recently completed in Taipei. Located in an industrial area converted to residential use, it is filled with parks and facilities designed to ensure a lofty lifestyle. The design concept for the building stands out for the flawless integration of the habitat with the natural surroundings and takes its inspiration from “Camelot”, the legendary castle of King Arthur. If the exterior architecture is both majestic and austere, the interiors really strike an exciting chord, thanks to their elegance and sophistication, and many romantic details.

The majestic lobby – featuring luxurious inlaid marble floors and opulent wood paneling – is decorated with the Francis sofa and Dragonfly armchairs, both upholstered in soft brown leather, and Eaton coffee tables. The Me chairs were selected for the dining rooms. All of the furnishings chosen for this luxury residential project are from the Flexform Mood collection and were designed by Roberto Lazzeroni.