The way a story is told can make it an interesting or a boring tale. The story of FLEXFORM was born under a lucky star.

The company immediately understood the importance of image and communication, and in 1969 they assigned the design of a logo to Pino Tovaglia, a visionary creative spirit, graphic designer and architect (also creator of the logos of Pirelli and Alfa Romeo). The first ad campaigns appeared in magazines. These were the years when Andy Warhol and Studio 54 were inspiring creative talents around the world, and this was the spirit behind the images, colors, forms and positive energy that filled the FLEXFORM brochures, catalogues and ad campaigns. Starting in the 1980s, for many years the narration of the elegant world of FLEXFORM, under the art direction of Natalia Corbetta, shifted towards the intense expressive impact of chiaroscuro black and white photographs in the advertising, all made by outstanding photographers. Stripped down of everything except the emotions, the shots of the great masters of photography – Aldo Ballo, Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Giovanni Gastel, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Maria Vittoria Backhaus, Mario Ciampi, Fabrizio Ferri – traced the contours of a unique, original narrative dimension.

Today FLEXFORM is shifting the brand’s narration from the quality of production to quality of life. From the product to the experience of the product. In short, “to turn a house into a home” is the sentiment the company wants to share with its audience. A totally updated range of channels that work in unison - print campaign, video, social networks, website, catalogues, trade fairs - contributes to convey the correct perception of the brand, to reach an ever wider, varied and international audience. The slogan Home at Last that guides all the communication today is a message that sums up the value of homecoming, as the arrival point of our day, but also the home seen as the dream of a lifetime.

“The design of a private home is the design of the client’s dream of a lifetime.”   Antonio Citterio

With the introduction of color in the photographs and of the Home at Last concept, the company creates worlds of meaning with which anyone can identify in terms of affinities and the sharing of places, situations, sensations, through storytelling that establishes a relationship with the public. The construction of high aesthetic impact of images is thus joined by the value of its meaning. The focus is on clients and their life experiences.

“We are working in continuity with the past, keeping the quality level of our communication very high. We continue to work with photographers known for their images of great intensity in our advertising campaigns, creative talents used to thinking glocally, directors capable of bringing emotions to our audience, transmitting our brand values in videos. Our brand belongs to the sphere of desirability, and the ability to tell stories is undoubtedly the proving ground of the future of communication.”